What Would Steve Rogers Do About His Hearing?

What Would Steve Rogers Do About His Hearing?

Steve Rogers aka ‘Captain America’ would be 101 years old this year. Born on the 4th of July, 1918, if it wasn’t for his cryogenic past his inner hair cells would have most certainly curled over and called it quits.

Technically, at the age of 27 being thawed out some 66 years later, time will eventually catch up to him.

There won’t be enough spandex or vibranium that will stop the effects of the powers of oxidation on the body, eventuating in a still handsome, slightly pudgy older version of the Captain we have come to know.

If it wasn’t for the effects of ageing on poor Steve, the line of work he is in certainly does not help, nor the company he keeps.

Insistent on clashing metal on metal, causing over 120 dB in impact noise and those alien ships that have rockets the size of long island (how loud are alien ships anyway), how many raspberries or blueberries would he have to inhale before they start to work on counter affecting the damage sustained from noise?

The ringing of Thor’s hammer alone would do it…..

But it’s not all bad for Mr Rogers. Luckily he thawed in the 21st Century where the best part of poor tech and MS DOS died along with the Maytag wringer washing machines and the comb over. How sexy would he have looked with a giant ear horn sticking out…

He may have been more contactable during Avengers Civil War if he wore bluetooth ear level devices that had mini amplifiers in them, perhaps the story would have been far more different, without miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Yet someone like him born in the 1910s struggles to embrace tech and perhaps a bit too macho to accept help. But if a guy like that can wear spandex and a swimming cap, invisible ear level devices would be a cinch.

Which hearing aids would he have gone for? Being patriotic to the max, most likely US made Starkey hearing devices of course. Or would he have chosen German made Audifons? Most likely not.

Ultimately, if he were the type to ask for help, Rogers may have tried to get help from his mates like Spiderman, Blade or most likely Wolverine to help regenerate his hair cells back and also the burst ear drums he would have had to endure from all the explosions. 


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