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We offer Full diagnostic hearing assessments for ACC and war pensions and we are Enable Accredited (Govt Subsidy). Contact us to discuss if you are eligible for these subsidy options. We also complete pre-employment hearing assessments as well as sensorineural tests for sudden hearing loss.

We work with all manufacturers so that we can offer you all available options and provide the best hearing solution designed to fit your lifestyle, so you can continue living your life doing all the things you love.

Services we provide include –

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment

Personalised recommendation and advice on hearing solutions

Tinnitus hearing assessments

Including ultra-high frequency testing

Paediatric hearing assessments

From age 5 onwards

Sudden Hearing Loss

Providing the best treatment for your situation

Hearing aid fitting and rehabilitation

Full verification of hearing aids fitted, counselling and rehabilitation and ongoing support

Why choose us
New Zealand Owned and Operated

Local and personal

Fully Independent

Privately owned and have access to all hearing aid types and brands

Excellent Service

Providing the best service, advice and options and building life-long client care

Flexible Bookings

Available for after hours and in home service

Full Range of Hearing Solutions

A full range of smart technology for audiology and hearing solutions on offer

Other Hearing Related Services

Such as Hearing Protection and Ongoing Maintenance


We are affiliated with other medical professionals

Reasons to see an MNZAS Audiologist

Audiologists who are members of the New Zealand Audiological Society (MNZAS) are specialists at diagnosing hearing problems and the non-medical treatment of hearing loss.

For more information visit audiology.org.nz/why-see-an-audiologist

Difference between a hearing screening and diagnostic hearing assessment

A hearing screening test is a good idea if you are not sure whether or not you are concerned about your hearing. If a problem is identified, it will be recommended that you go on to have a full diagnostic hearing test.

For more information visit audiology.org.nz/hearing-tests

Funding Options for Hearing Aids
New Zealand Audiological Society Hearing Aid Bank

For people in extreme financial difficulty who cannot obtain assistance from any other government agencies, the NZ Audiological Society may be able to help. If you feel you meet the criterias (find out more from link below) and need help to buy a hearing aid contact your NZAS audiologist for further information and the appropriate application form.

For more information visit audiology.org.nz/hearing-aid-funding

Ministry of Health Hearing Aid Funding Scheme

If you have a hearing loss, hearing aids may be part of the solution to improve your hearing. You may be able to get help from the Ministry of Health to pay for the cost of hearing aids.

For more information visit health.govt.nz/publication/guide-getting-hearing-aids-hearing-aid-funding-scheme

New Zealand Veterans' Affairs

As a New Zealand veteran, you may be able to get our help for hearing aids or appliances.

For more information visit veteransaffairs.mil.nz/support/treatment-independence/hearing/

New Zealand Audiological Society

If ACC cover your injury, they can help if you need to use aids and equipment to get on with your everyday tasks including hearing aids.

For more information visit acc.co.nz/im-injured/support-recovery/aids-equipment/

What our clients say


“THANK YOU Chessie for all you have done. The service is OUT OF THIS WORLD, hearing is so good – Thanks”

Ken R

“We are overwhelmed with the the service you provided to us this past week. Nothing was too much bother. Not only did you explain our options regarding the replacement of my current hearing aids,but also sent me away with a brand new top of the range trial pair. As it turned out, all that was required were new ear plugs. Without your knowledge and honesty we could have been facing a hefty bill right now.
It is refreshing to meet a professional who is friendly, who genuinely wants to help and places no time restrictions on consultations.
Thank you Chessie Egan. Absolutely highly recommended.”

Mattie & Paki Pouesi

“I went to see E Hearing about an issue with my ear as I worked in an open plan office that could be quite noisy at times when people are talking and had noticed some issues with difficulty hearing people on the phone in the office that I didn’t have before.
Chessie completed a hearing test and provided professional and practical advice on how to resolve the issue as well as an estimated duration as to when the issue should resolve. Following her advice the issue resolved in a few days. We also found an area that benefited from some musculoskeletal treatment from my specialist. This was a quality experience because Chessie also took time to explain my condition and ensured I understood what the issue was and how to resolve it as well as promptly providing a written report on the findings to me and my GP. Chessie was friendly and committed to finding a solution that suited my view of holistic health and also followed up after the appointment to check the issue had resolved. Chessie is committed to providing good care and going the extra mile to ensure all clients get a quality, reassuring and excellent experience when they are concerned about hearing issues. I would recommend E Hearing to anyone: children and adults for an Audiologist who listens to your needs, provides quality advice where you need your hearing care whether it be at her conveniently located clinics in Remuera or Papatoetoe, at your home, workplace, club or church – her flexibility makes it easy to access hearing care and book it according to your schedule”

J. Ramesh-Sukha

“Having recently obtained my first hearing aids from eHearing, I cannot praise their hearing specialist Chessie Egan enough. She has been unfailingly patient as I learned about the aids and how to use them. She made the whole process easy and I asked lots of questions, which she responded to always in a friendly and calm manner. This was in contrast with my husband’s experience with his hearing a few years ago. It was not explained well enough and he got frustrated and gave up and put his expensive hearing aids in the drawer. When he passed away 6 months ago, he was still unable to hear properly and I wish he had been assisted by Chessie.”

B. Bencsy

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