We start with a process that is personal and honest

Improving your hearing shouldn’t be a complicated process. You should always have continuity of care and be looked after by someone who understands the difficulties you face communicating with your loved ones and not a one size fits all approach.

We start with a process that is personal and honest. We care about what you or your loved ones need and we are passionate about improving the quality of life for individuals who struggle to communicate and enjoy the simple things in life, things we often take for granted.

We offer affordable, beautiful hearing solutions that are personalised to you. We will take the time to listen to your needs and take great pride in maintaining independence to ensure only the best hearing solutions are offered. We are not owned by any manufacturers or aligned in any way – we work with ALL of them.

We also offer a service unlike any other, where we can visit you in the comfort of your home and assess your listening situation. If this doesn’t suit, you are welcome to visit us in our after hours clinic.

Chessie Egan, our fully registered member of the NZAS and who trained in New Zealand, will provide clinical excellence and counseling and where necessary we offer great products to suit any hearing related needs.

So that’s us, that’s eHearing. Why wait, come and see us now for a free and open discussion about your needs and we will help you enjoy conversation just as it should be.

Meet the Team

Chessie Egan is an MNZAS fully qualified Audiologist and brings 13 years clinical experience from both the public and private sectors. She has worked in major DHBs in the Waikato region and well known private practices where she was the Clinic Manager and takes great care in taking the time to listen, get to know you and understands your needs. In her spare time, Chessie is passionate about professional development and is involved in a range of sub-committees in the NZAS including a role as an examiner for new audiologists in the field. She also has two young children to keep her busy.

Our Values

We aspire to –

  • act ethically
  • be transparent
  • provide excellent service
  • listen and hear you
  • offer continuity of care
  • offer full range of products from all manufacturers

What our clients say


Experiencing sudden hearing loss is frightening. It should be addressed immediately by a hearing specialist to prevent permanent loss. Most people do not know this. I went to an emergency after hours clinic to get some pain relief for my ear. I couldn’t hear. I was prescribed antibiotics and instructed to see my GP if there was no improvement after a week. There wasn’t. I then saw a GP.  They gave me nasal spray and said I should contact a specialist – just in case. This was the day I called Chessie. She took my call, created an immediate appointment and made me take it.


Chessie has the ability to remove fear and create action. In today’s working world it is not easy to drop everything and attend a new unscheduled appointment. It is a testament to Chessies ability to instil trust and gently make the correct action take place.


Chessie tested my hearing and took immediate action. There is a small window to treat sudden hearing loss with the steroid Prednisone. I was borderline for this treatment to work. Chessie is located next to a team of ENT specialists. They were fully booked. Chessie persuaded one of them to see me and prescribe the treatment. Again this is testament to Chessies ability to communicate at any level and create forward movement.

My hearing then began to slowly and steadily improve back to its original levels.

Chessie is a star. Without her I am sure I would have had some permanent loss. It’s not until you lose something you realise how precious it is.

Finding the right person you can trust who has the right knowledge and ability to treat you as an individual is essential. Chessie is that person.

Chessie is now guiding me with the right hearing tools to address some other hearing issues I had prior to the loss. Today my hearing is better than before all this took place. And the future outlook for my hearing quality is now excellent.

from Trish

“THANK YOU Chessie for all you have done. The service is OUT OF THIS WORLD, hearing is so good – Thanks”

Ken R

“We are overwhelmed with the the service you provided to us this past week. Nothing was too much bother. Not only did you explain our options regarding the replacement of my current hearing aids,but also sent me away with a brand new top of the range trial pair. As it turned out, all that was required were new ear plugs. Without your knowledge and honesty we could have been facing a hefty bill right now.
It is refreshing to meet a professional who is friendly, who genuinely wants to help and places no time restrictions on consultations.
Thank you Chessie Egan. Absolutely highly recommended.”

Mattie & Paki Pouesi

“I went to see E Hearing about an issue with my ear as I worked in an open plan office that could be quite noisy at times when people are talking and had noticed some issues with difficulty hearing people on the phone in the office that I didn’t have before.
Chessie completed a hearing test and provided professional and practical advice on how to resolve the issue as well as an estimated duration as to when the issue should resolve. Following her advice the issue resolved in a few days. We also found an area that benefited from some musculoskeletal treatment from my specialist. This was a quality experience because Chessie also took time to explain my condition and ensured I understood what the issue was and how to resolve it as well as promptly providing a written report on the findings to me and my GP. Chessie was friendly and committed to finding a solution that suited my view of holistic health and also followed up after the appointment to check the issue had resolved. Chessie is committed to providing good care and going the extra mile to ensure all clients get a quality, reassuring and excellent experience when they are concerned about hearing issues. I would recommend E Hearing to anyone: children and adults for an Audiologist who listens to your needs, provides quality advice where you need your hearing care whether it be at her conveniently located clinics in Remuera or Papatoetoe, at your home, workplace, club or church – her flexibility makes it easy to access hearing care and book it according to your schedule”

J. Ramesh-Sukha

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